About Calligram


The Calligram Foundation was founded in 2011 in Portland, Oregon to offer direct support to skilled and visionary artists in order that they may focus their time and efforts on their craft. In addition to funding the Calligram Falcon Fellowship, Calligram will hold a series of art salons to expose emerging artists to patrons and to stimulate cross media art dialogues.

Calligram's mission is to foster a cultural renaissance by engaging the spectator with art and supporting the direct patronage of artists.

Allison Furlotti

President & Founder

Portland, Oregon



Satya Byock

Executive Director

Portland, Oregon


Artist Inquiries

Please note: for inquiries related to the Calligram Fund for New Work or the Precipice Fund administered by PICA, please contact PICA or read more here. We do not have the capacity, nor the authority for these programs, to respond to emails from artists seeking to apply. We wish you the best.